Release 0.13.7

Welcome Zotonic 0.13.7, released on 1 February, 2016.

This is a maintenance release of Zotonic 0.13.

Main changes are:

  • This release is the first in the new monthly release schedule.
  • From now on, release tag names no longer have the release- prefix.
  • Combine if and with tags in one expression.
  • Improved performance through dispatch compiler.
  • New search options: unfinished, unfinished_or_nodate.
  • New image option lossless=auto that prevents images from being converted to JPG.

Commits since 0.13.6

There were 60 commits since release 0.13.6.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arjan Scherpenisse (2):
  • z_media_preview: Add lossless=auto option to keep images as PNG after resizing
  • z_media_preview: Remove debug statement
Arthur Clemens (4):
  • mod_admin_merge: improve error feedback
  • mod_admin_merge: show error message when trying to delete the admin page
  • mod_admin_merge: more typo fixes
  • mod_admin_merge: prepare interface for “merge only”
David de Boer (6):
  • Fix category preselection
  • Fix template not found error
  • Fix e-mail address
  • Add cookbook entry for new user’s group
  • Merge pull request #1153 from DorienD/formerror
  • Prepare release 0.13.7
Dirk Geurs (1):
  • mod_base: Issue #1084: Force model queries into values more often
Dorien (5):
  • [survey] added bootstrap 3 class support, added styles for narrative question
  • Added config key for content group when user registers
  • Added documentation for mod_signup content group config
  • changed default content group to undefined
  • removed has-error class from form
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):
  • core: Removed usage of md5_mac and sha_mac.
Marc Worrell (39):
  • Merge pull request #1108 from DorienD/fix-bootstrap-survey
  • Merge pull request #1105 from driebit/fix-category-preselection
  • mod_video: fix preview generation.
  • docs: fix generation for modules stubs. Fixes #1091
  • mod_base: fix reference for (in)validFormClass. Issue #1107
  • mod_search: add option to define a filter term with ‘or’ query
  • Merge pull request #1112 from driebit/fix-template-not-found
  • mod_base: fix ubf.encoce typo. Thanks to Werner Buchert
  • core: fix crash in rsc duplicate.
  • mod_admin: show unique name in overview, slight cleanup of overview loop code.
  • core: fix a problem where a revert sql query could have twice the creator_id.
  • core: fix a problem where old file contents would be served for gzip-encodings.
  • mod_admin: fix category pre-selection for insert and connect dialog.
  • core: better fallback for unexpected file ‘identify’ results.
  • erlydtl: add optional ‘as var’ to the if/elif expressions. Fixes #1085
  • docs: add ‘if-with’ documentation. Issue #1085
  • erlydtl: add missing to_list/1 function from master.
  • erlydtl: merge .yrl file from master.
  • core: use dispatch compiler instead of dispatch server. Minor adaptations from the version in master. Issue #1121
  • core: better error message on depickle problems.
  • core/mod_development: fixes for dispatch-rewrites and dispatch tracing.
  • mod_development: also accept path-tokens that are strings.
  • mod_search: add ‘edge.created (and friends) sort order option
  • mod_search: if ordering by edge seq then add sub-order by id, so that the order is similar to the one used by the edge model
  • m_search: log errors on invalid queries, don’t crash.
  • m_search: fix empty search result for erroring queries.
  • core: fix a problem where the sign_key for zotonic_status could change between requests.
  • mod_search: make the ranking behaviour configurable.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: relax adding users to a user group. Fixes #1125
  • mod_acl_user_groups: better check for ‘hasusergroup’ edge insert permission.
  • mod_search: add ‘unfinished’ and ‘unfinished_or_nodate’ query terms.
  • mod_query: let ‘unfinished_or_nodate’ check the date_start for nodate, as often the end date is not set.
  • mod_admin_predicate: move predicates in batches of 100, take care of possible duplicate edges.
  • mod_translation: set the session language if the language is changed. Fixes #1155
  • mod_survey: replace some old bs2 size classes with bs3 classes.
  • core: fix for z_email_receive:get_host/1
  • core: fix return value for z_sites_dispatcher:get_host_for_domain/1
  • mod_admin_identity: make the error-target element optional for identity-add events.
  • docs: fix header for sending email
Paul Guyot (1):
  • Fix issue with ffprobe returning unicode text
Witeman Zheng (1):
  • add a encoder fun for the external mqtt client

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