Release 0.51.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.51.0, released on August 26, 2019.

Main changes are:

  • Added DTAP (Development, Testing etc.) status of site to http headers and
  • Updated PostgreSQL driver epgsql
  • Added Copy download link button in admin media panel
  • Fixes to admin connect/create dialog

Commits since 0.50.0

Dorien (1):

  • Download link (#2163)

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):

  • Renamed all pgsql references to epgsql (#2100)

Marc Worrell (14):

  • mod_logging: set {ssl, any} on client log url
  • mod_base: fix json for controller_error http-status return.
  • Use ubuntu trusty for OTP 18 on Travis (#2116)
  • Use epgsql error record (#2122)
  • mod_admin: in the new-rsc dialog, always show all categories. Fixes #2119
  • Fix double translations in po files.
  • More robust media insert of #upload with data
  • Fix icon paths in mod_artwork font css files. (#2159)
  • Show connected media in tinymce select media dialog. (#2152)
  • Allow pager to accept a list for the ‘result’ arg. (#2125)
  • scomp pager: fix args for list handling
  • pager: fix html for 1 page result.
  • mod_admin: simplify ‘copy download link to clipboard’ functionality.
  • Add support for DTAP environment. (#2151)

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