Release 0.25.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.25.0, released on 6 February, 2017.

Main changes are:

  • Added embedded_media filter (#1591).
  • Added Atom support to mod_export (#1394).
  • Added name search query argument (#1574).
  • Fixed image crop defined in mediaclass (#919).
  • Fixed adding connection to page block (#1561).
  • Fixed text blocks not considered by without_embedded_media filter (#1566).
  • Fixed unique name validation for empty names (#1579).
  • Fixed filewatcher reacting to changes in log files (#1588).
  • Fixed pivot index names not unique (#1598).

Commits since 0.24.0

There were since 33 commits since release 0.24.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arthur Clemens (1):
  • Add clarification in template
David de Boer (6):
  • doc: Add custom controllers cookbook chapter (#1565)
  • doc: Fix postback validator documentation (#1567)
  • docker: Build Erlang from source (fix #1590)
  • core: Raise timeout when starting site for sitetest
  • doc: Fix embedded_media docs
  • core: Make pivot index name unique (#1598)
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):
  • core: Accept push queue names as binaries. Fixes #1575 (#1576)
Marc Worrell (24):
  • mod_search: use publication_start as a sub sort for matching, prefer newer content.
  • core: evaluate ‘and’/’or’ as ‘andalso’ and ‘orelse’. Fixes #1561
  • mod_base: fix a problem in show_media where utf8 characters were wrongly displayed. Fixes #1572
  • mod_search: add a query term ‘name’ for searching on unqiue names. Fixes #1574
  • mod_export: add export in application/atom+xml format. Fixes #1546 Fixes #1394
  • Lock new z_stdlib
  • core: let filewatcher ignore changes to log files. Fixes #1588
  • core: also ignore changes to files in the mnesia directory
  • mod_base: in ubf.js use Object.keys() to fetch the keys of an object. This fixes an issue where injected object.prototype functions were serialized as well.
  • docs: fix build problem with ‘less’ code block by using ‘text’ instead
  • mod_base: let filter without_embedded_media also consider text blocks. Add filter embedded_media. Fixes #1566
  • core: rsc names with only a ‘_’ are considered ‘undefined’. Fixed #1579
  • mod_base: let the unique name validation first use ‘z_string:to_name/1’. Consider ‘_’ as an invalid unique name. Issue #1579
  • mod_base: allow empty unique name.
  • core: use crop_center if crop is defined in the mediaclass. Fixes #919
  • mod_admin: fix a problem with media preview for unknown resources.
  • mod_base: fix ubf decode for plist/map types.
  • mod_admin: change positioning of images in connection lists. Fixes #1570
  • core: check crop_center syntax on rsc update.
  • core: add email DNS Whitelisting support
  • Lock new z_stdlib
  • core: fix a string/binary conversion issue with the new z_stdlib
  • New z_stdlib
  • core: fix a problem where next/prev_day could result in a non-existant date. Fixes #1596
row-b (1):
  • Minor typo in syntax fixed (#1569)

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