Release 0.18.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.18.0, released on 4 July, 2016.

Main changes are:

  • Removed module mod_acl_adminonly from core (#1289). Please use mod_acl_user_groups instead. If you need mod_acl_adminonly, the module is available in a separate repository.
  • Added compatibility with OPT 19 (#1323).
  • Added page blocks to the full text search index (issue:1131).
  • Added support for Google Universal Analytics (#1281).
  • Added testsandboxdb site for integration tests against a database (#1235).
  • Fixed multiple images captions (#1311).
  • Fixed hierarchy tree not updating after edit (#1293 and #1309).
  • Fixed inserted video in TinyMCE not shown (#1304).
  • Fixed anonymous user editing.

Commits since 0.17.0

There were 33 commits since release 0.17.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arthur Clemens (4):
mod_mailinglist: fix unsubscribe url syntax mod_admin: add param cat_exclude to overview mod_admin_identity: use same column headers as overview mod_admin: tweak Dutch translation
David de Boer (3):
tests: Add testsandboxdb site core: Fix inotify statup log message tests: Make build fail if Zotonic fails to start
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):
mod_ssl: Redirect http and https to the outside ports mod_base: Use utf-8 encoding for application/javascript files
Marc Worrell (22):
core: fix z_module_manager:activate_await/2. Also fix a problem where upgrading a module could activate that module. Issue 1235 core: only start testsandboxdb during tests. mod_base: more generic escapejs filter. Issue #1281 mod_admin: fix is_session_alive status, thanks to @Dirklectisch core: let the ACL decide of anonymous users can edit something. Thanks to @Dirklectisch Locked new depcache. mod_editor_tinymce: fix a problem where setting the options of one media item changed the options of all media item. Fixes #1311 mod_video_embed: fix an issue where inserting a video inside tinymce doesn’t show the video. Fixes #1304 mod_admin: prevent iframe overflowing from media preview on edit page. mod_admin: fix an issue where the menu editor was not updated after creating a new resource. Fixes #1309 Fixes #1293 mod_admin: in connect dialog, fix enabling upload tab without depiction predicate. core: also pivot texts in blocks. Fixes #1113 core: only install the skeleton modules on initial site install. Fixes #1279 core: remove debug from pivot docs: remove ‘resource’ from the contactform cookbook. Fixes #1166 core: fix return value of z_install:install_skeleton_modules/1 core: pivot block texts to priority B not A. mod_base_site: misc fixes for base site. mod_survey: set the language of result emails to the default system language. Fixes #1324 core: in activate_await, check the module process pid, and not the db. Fixes #1325 core: fix whereis check in activate_await. Issue #1325 core: OTP-19 compatibility changes for 0.x (merging from master). Issue #1323 (#1327)
Péter Gömöri (1):
Fix xref issues (#1315)
Tah Teche (1):
mod_seo: Switch to Google Universal Analytics

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