This is the Zotonic Developer Guide. It takes you through all aspects of Zotonic so you can start building your own sites as quickly as possible.

If you are an end user rather than developer, you may want to read the User Guide instead.

An overview of Zotonic

Zotonic is a complete stack for building advanced websites quickly. It consists of:

  1. a content management system (CMS)
  2. a web framework
  3. a web server.

You can rapidly develop CMS-based sites on top of Zotonic. If you need more flexibility, you can customise all aspects of Zotonic. The included web server means can start working with Zotonic right away, without the need for installing Apache or Nginx separately.

Zotonic is structured into modules. Each module offers a specific piece of functionality; the CMS is itself a module. There are modules for access control, social media integration, TLS, video embeds and much more.

Central to Zotonic is its uniquely flexible data model.