Release 0.62.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.62.0, released on July 7, 2021.

This is a maintenance release.

Main changes are:

  • Fixed an issue where lib .tpl files where not search inside the lib folder, the behavior is now corrected and the same as in the 1.x release
  • Fixed a problem where large file uploads could give a timeout
  • Fixed a problem where the progress bar was not shown during file uploads
  • Fixed a problem where SEO sitemap routines could crash on long URLs
  • Ensure that the default SEO canonical and shortlink URLs are absolute URLs


  • If you generated lib files using template files (.tpl) then ensure that those template files are present in the lib directory.

Commits since 0.61.0

Marc Worrell (7):

  • Only update seo sitemap on insert/update actions.
  • Fix a problem where the module indexer was not ready before the sitetests could start.
  • Find lib .tpl files inside lib. This makes the location of lib .tpl files consistent with 1.x and also gives less surprises where those files can be found.
  • Upgrade mochiweb
  • Use abs uri for canonical and shortlink
  • Make SEO sitemap loc 2000 chars long to accomodate longer URLs
  • Fix a problem where the progress was not shown during file uploads. Fix a problem where a file upload could show a timeout alert.

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