Release 0.54.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.54.0, released on February 4, 2020.

Main changes are:

  • Now fixed DHE parameters are used for SSL. If there is an existing DH file then that file will still be used.
  • Options and configurations to set the HSTS headers
  • Upgraded Locus (MaxMind Geo Location Library), now a license key is mandatory. See
  • A scomp ignore_user_inactivity is introduced to disable activity tracking. This is useful for pages that should not timeout with their session.
  • Generating the translation .pot files now needs administrator or use.mod_development rights.
  • Fixes a problem with LinkedIn OAuth autentication
  • Fixes a problem where password reminders could be sent to non-user accounts.

Commits since 0.53.0

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (4):

  • core: Don’t close the connection in a beforeunload, but later in an unload. Make sure all ajax requests are async (#2296)
  • 1329 set hsts headers (#2297)
  • 2290 session active (#2291)
  • mod_ssl: Use rfc7919 dhe parameters (#2299)

Marc Worrell (8):

  • mod_geoip: add support for MaxMind license key (#2283)
  • mod_base: safe check on error stack object. Fix #2276
  • mod_base_site: fix Twitter share page link.
  • Fix problem with LinkedIn login. Fix #2277
  • overlay: cancel js close click event.
  • mod_authentication: Only send password reminders to resources with a password identity.
  • mod_translation: demand admin or use.mod_development right to generate .pot files. Issue #2298
  • Upgrade locus to 1.9.0

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