Release 0.13.1

Welcome Zotonic 0.13.1, released on July 29, 2015.

This is a maintenance release of Zotonic 0.13

A complete git shortlog since the 0.13.0 release is added below these release notes.

Commits since 0.13.0

There were 16 commits since release 0.13.0.

The committers were: Arthur Clemens, David de Boer, Fred Pook, and Marc Worrell.

Big thanks to the committers and all other people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arthur Clemens (4):

  • admin_development: Add hostname to dropdown to indicate this does not need to be entered
  • mod_base: Use dialog width param, fix vertical centering
  • Remove debugging
  • doc: Document action dialog parameters

David de Boer (4):

  • Make module and site includes path-independent
  • Support custom redirect page after social media logon
  • Make post-logon actions dynamic
  • Fix opening admin dialog by removing call to dialogReposition()

Fred Pook (2):

  • Added dutch translations
  • Added knightlab audio plugin to the whitelist

Marc Worrell (6):

  • doc: fix sidebar versions
  • Merge pull request #980 from driebit/compile-include-paths
  • docs: fix title attr of docs sidebar link.
  • mod_search: catch errors when evaluating stored search questions. Issue #988
  • mod_base: filter to_integer returns now ‘undefined’ for invalid inputs.
  • mod_oauth: new model functions to directly add a application (with generated tokens)

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