Admin cookbook
Creating a custom widget on the edit page Customizing the layout of the admin edit page Customizing the style of an admin page Storing date/time fields Admin…
Frontend cookbook
These cookbook entries contain valuable nuggets of information regarding the frontend development of a site.
Just enough…
These Cookbook items each represent a stage in some Zotonic users’ journeys to understand the workings of Erlang and related technologies in general.
Other cookbooks
Create a custom action Create a custom filter Create a custom model Create a custom controller Custom pivots Create a custom tag Custom search Pivot Templates…
Shell cookbook
Activate/deactivate modules Filter and convert characters Erlang tab completion Debugging db (query) issues Reset a user’s password Restore/upgrade content db…

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Contributing to Zotonic

We encourage contributions to Zotonic from the community! This chapter describes how you can help improve Zotonic.