Release 0.41.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.41.0, released on 1 October, 2018.

Main changes are:

  • Upgraded jquery from 1.11.1 to 3.3.1 (#1922).
  • Added livereload to mod_development (enable via /admin/development).
  • Fix a problem with default date handlng in resource updates (#1885).
  • mod_mailinglist now uses mod_email_status for bounce checks.

jQuery upgrade note:

Please note that if you manually include jquery-migrate in your templates, you will have to change your templates manually because jquery-migrate is also upgraded from jquery-migrate-1.2.1 to jquery-migrate-1.4.1.

Commits since 0.40.0

David de Boer (4):
  • core: Don’t default start date to now (#1885)
  • core: Don’t crash when files have been deleted (#1928)
  • docker: Fix rebar failure during Docker build (#1930)
  • core: Fix pivot failure during manage_data (#1932)
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (5):
  • core: Fix, minify all concatenated js and css files, not just the first
  • core: Compress svg files
  • mod_mqtt: Support retained messages
  • Added 0.41.0 release notes with an extra note about jquery migrate
  • core: Call z_datamodel:manage inside a transaction to prevent inconsistencies. See #1927
Marc Worrell (17):
  • mod_mailinglist: Fix typo in predicate name
  • mod_admin_merge: add option to add missing translations to the winner. (#1915)
  • mod_authentication: escape q arg
  • Fix leap year problem
  • Fix a problem with the slug when merging resources.
  • mod_translation: Fix a problem with copying languages
  • core: fix tz update for tables/columns that are reserved SQL keywords.
  • Use folsom and bear from Fixes #1920
  • mod_development: add livereload of css and js. Issue #1793 (#1924)
  • base: Upgraded old jquery to 3.3.1 (#1926)
  • Update mailinglist to work with email_status (#1929)
  • mod_development: work around for server caching of livereload css
  • core: Add option to use ‘user_id’ as controller_page id configuration.
  • base: allow ‘user_id’ as configured id for controller_redirect.
  • controller_file: fix a problem where IE11 could not download files.
  • Prepare 0.41.0
  • Fix issue for jquery.find(‘#’), upgrade bs js. Issue #1934 (#1935)
loetie (1):
  • Support failure_message in email_unique validator (#1931)

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