Show a block if the condition is true.

The {% if %} tag evaluates a variable and if the result is true (boolean true, number unequal to zero, non empty string or a non empty list) then the contents of the if-block are output. When the if-variable test fails then the optional {% elif %} blocks are evaluated. When the if and all optional elif variable tests fail, the optional {% else %} block content is output.


{% if genre == "pop" %}
  Popular music.
{% elif genre == "classical" %}
  Classical music.
{% elif genre == "jazz" %}
{% else %}
  The genre isn't pop, classical or jazz.
{% endif %}

An {% if %} and {% elif %} tag can have an “and” or “or” expression as argument:

{% if person_list and show_persons and full_moon %}
  There are persons that we can show during full moon.
{% endif %}

Or for example:

{% if new_moon or daytime %} Guess you can’t see the moon. {% endif %}

It is also possible to mix “and” and ”or” in one expression, so this is a valid:

{% if full_moon or daytime and cloudy %}

The ”not” operator can be used to negate a boolean value:

{% if full_moon or daytime or not clearsky %}


Besides the {% elif %} tag we also support the alias {% elseif %}.

See also

ifequal and ifnotequal.

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