Release 0.60.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.60.0, released on February 15, 2021.

This is a maintenance release and only includes fixes.

Main changes are:

  • Added support for embedding Soundcloud using OEmbed
  • Fixed a problem where no extension could be found for “application/pgp-keys” .asc files
  • Made the maximum edge list length in the admin configurable using mod_admin.edge_list_max_length
  • Use Github Actions for CI

Commits since 0.59.0

Marc Worrell (6):

  • Test build using GitHub Actions. (#2561)
  • Add build batch, remove Travis build batch
  • Add mapping of application/pgp-keys to .asc Fixes #2581
  • Make max edge list length configurable. Fixes #2580
  • Fix typo.
  • Fix Docs GH action.

Rob van den Bogaard (1):

  • Add SoundCloud oembed provider (#2583)

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