Release 0.82.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.82.0, released on March 25, 2024.

This is a maintenance release.

Commits since 0.81.0

Marc Worrell (7):

  • mod_oembed: remove the oembed_client process (0.x) (#3680)
  • core: check size of downloaded file after media download (0.x) (#3679)
  • mod_base: add duration filter (#3681)
  • Fix an issue where a PDF file could be mis-identified as an AI file. Fixes #3689 (#3691)
  • Fix a problem where the length validator counting bytes instead of utf8 chars (#3712)
  • core: ensure that there is a key on category_id (#3713)
  • Fix a problem where in the mailing footer an undefined value could be placed.

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