Release 0.56.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.56.0, released on April 23, 2020.

Possible breaking changes:

  • We removed jquery-migrate from the standard template in modules/mod_base/templates/_js_include_jquery.tpl. If you need jquery migrate in your project then you can add this template to your site and re-add "js/apps/jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js" to the include library files.
  • The {% image %} tag now includes width and height attributes. Ensure that you have width or height set to auto in your css if you are restricting one of the dimensions. Otherwise use the new nowh option to the image tag to suppress the width/height attributes.

Main changes are:

  • Added tracing of database queries - switch on at the /admin/development and see SQL traces (and explain of slow queries) for your session only in the console log.
  • Removed jquery-migrate from the standard jquery include
  • Image tags now include width/height attributes
  • Language preference is now stored in z.lang cookie instead of the database persistent storage. This greatly reduces the number of rows being added to the persistent storage table.
  • SQL queries that timeout are now canceled, the query is now also monitored and logged in case of crashes or timeouts.
  • If an email is received for an unknown hostname then a temporary error is returned if and only if there are enabled sites that are not running.
  • Transport retransmission is now disabled. This turned out to cause more problems than solve, due to duplicate requests being sent in case of slow servers, making the server even slower.
  • Pivot queue inserts are now more robust and handled by the pivot server process, this prevents race conditions.
  • The site supervisor is reorganized for greater robustness against crashing of some services. These services are now organized in their own one-for-one supervisor and are independently restarted.
  • Next/prev on the admin edit page is now evaluated when clicked. This keeps the correct category and speeds up page load of the edit page.
  • Long connection lists on the admin/edit page are now truncated and can be viewed in full on the connections page.
  • File modification times are now cached, this speeds up the template modification checks on busy servers.

Commits since 0.55.0

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):

  • core: Let the pivot queue server insert new edges into the db (#2379)
  • core: Add a database pool usage warning (#2382)

Marc Worrell (35):

  • core: generate image width and height attributes. Issue #2306 (#2318)
  • Remove dependency on $.browser in zotonic js
  • Remove msie test in z.popupwindow.js
  • Cleanup some js, remove
  • Remove deprecated ‘.load()’ call from z.cropcenter.js
  • Remove jquery migrate from default js jquery include
  • Preliminary 0.56 docs
  • Also document changed w/h attributes on the image tag
  • Add ‘loading’ attribute to allowed image tag opts.
  • Merge pull request #2352 from zotonic/jq-migrate-0x
  • core: export z_email_receive:parse_email/4
  • Fix problem with sending emails due to string/binary conversions. Upgrade z_stdlib
  • Merge pull request #2356 from zotonic/email-patch-0.55
  • Fix problem with sending emails due to string/binary conversions. Upgrade z_stdlib
  • Release 0.55.1
  • Merge pull request #2357 from zotonic/release-0.55.1
  • Cleanup code.
  • mod_translation: fix a problem setting the default lannguage
  • mod_base: sanitize redirect location for action redirect
  • mod_admin: replace next/prev on admin with lazy search. Issue #2375 (#2376)
  • Use z.lang cookie to store the language preference. Fix #2374 (#2378)
  • SMTP: give 451 error if unknown host and not all sites are running
  • Make pivot queue insert more robust and handle batches of ids.
  • Cache file modification time lookups (#2384)
  • Export pivot function, more conservative truncate of pivot title.
  • With filter lower and upper, sanitize input on failure.
  • Disable zotonic transport retransmission.
  • Truncate long connections lists in the admin. Issue #2387 (0.x) (#2388)
  • Trace database queries. Issue #2390 (#2391)
  • Reorg site supervisor (0.x) (#2386)
  • Allow to change category if category does not exist. Issue #2360 (0.x) (#2389)
  • Catch throw on creation of pages or predicates.
  • Merge pull request #2397 from zotonic/page-create-error-0x
  • z_db_pgsql: fix types.
  • Fix spanish translation.

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