Release 0.13.3

Welcome Zotonic 0.13.3, released on September 9, 2015.

This is a maintenance release of Zotonic 0.13

Main changes are:

  • refinements to the admin interface by Arthur Clemens
  • included Bootstrap version has been upgraded to version 3.3.5
  • fixes for some issues around the newly introduced content groups
  • CORS support for the API (Thanks to @ghosthamlet!)
  • fixes some issues with the websocket connection
  • fixes an issue where the wrong language could be selected

Commits since 0.13.2

There were 103 commits since release 0.13.2.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arjan Scherpenisse (1):

  • mod_base: Support CORS API requests

Arthur Clemens (76):

  • mod_admin: (small screen) prevent scrolling of body when menu open
  • mod_admin: fix lost tree-list styling
  • mod_admin: style tweaks
  • mod_admin: position help buttons in widget headers
  • mod_base: remove redundant div container in modal body
  • Remove inadvertently created files
  • mod_admin: create user dropdown in main nav
  • mod_admin: improve sorting of page overview
  • mod_admin: optional category-specific column
  • mod_admin: update admin bootstrap
  • mod_admin: prevent executing content_group query
  • doc: Add dev note on translations; add batch update command
  • mod_translation: Localize messages
  • mod_base: make pager numbering more logical
  • mod_base: update translation files
  • mod_bootstrap: update to 3.3.5
  • mod_base: move pager css overrides to mod_admin
  • mod_admin: reorganize edit page header
  • mod_admin: Make topbar elements fit on a smaller screen when country and account buttons are visible
  • docs: release notes in reverse chronological order
  • mod_editor_tinymce: keep text inside moved blocks
  • mod_editor_tinymce: add translation files
  • mod_editor_tinymce: Add latest TinyMCE 4.2.4, and updated codemirror plugin
  • mod_admin: reorganize page edit header: keep image reference after saving
  • mod_admin: optional category-specific column
  • mod_admin: Fix unlinking media on Enter
  • docs: Mobile friendly layout
  • docs: Mobile friendly layout: fix search box layout
  • mod_admin: revert “also check in .css files resulting from .less compilation”
  • File watcher: read optional config file to run lessc with params and compile just the main less file
  • mod_admin: reorganize page edit header: hide “by” if modified/creator does not exist
  • mod_acl_user_groups: minor frontend tweaks
  • mod_base: minor icon font tweaks
  • mod_base: minor icon font tweaks
  • Admin: straighten admin-header blocks
  • Admin: add breadcrumbs to hierarchical pages
  • File watcher: read optional config file to run lessc with params and compile just the main less file
  • mod_translation: tidy up language settings dialog
  • mod_admin: give logo a width to prevent jumping navbar
  • docs: Add note about /etc/hosts on first site
  • Fallback language
  • Revert partial css files
  • mod_admin: fix position of drag icon in connection item
  • mod_admin: Update Dutch translations
  • mod_menu: A couple of Dutch translations
  • mod_menu: Improve text (and remove html markup)
  • mod_menu: Fix fuzzy Dutch translations
  • mod_admin_predicate: Fix string escaping in translation text
  • mod_admin: Fix extraneous spaces; fix fuzzy Dutch
  • mod_l10n: typo
  • mod_admin: tweak layout top header
  • mod_admin: tweak widget colors on edit page
  • mod_admin: tweak colors dashboard
  • mod_admin: remove period from “No items.”
  • Fix translations by unmatched spaces in text
  • mod_admin: Edit category dialog: add button to pages
  • mod_admin: improve layoud edit form in dialog
  • mod_admin: Fix markup in translation text
  • mod_admin: tweak colors dashboard: couple of bug fixes
  • mod_admin: add test query button
  • mod_admin: tweak dashboard and dialog navs
  • mod_translation: Give feedback when no languages can be copoed
  • mod_admin: update translations
  • mod_admin: update translations with msguniq
  • docs: update admin layout cookbook
  • mod_admin: couple of translation fixes
  • mod_admin_identity: update translation files; add NL translations
  • mod_admin: add button container to widget header if it is not present in the template
  • Small fixes
  • docs: update cookbook for dynamic select boxes
  • mod_admin: hide minimize button in dialog
  • mod_admin: tweak menu item style
  • mod_admin: make connections list reusable
  • mod_admin: make connections list reusable: fix button label, shorten add link and update translations
  • mod_admin: fix dialog header translation
  • docs: update info about translations

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (7):

  • mod_base: Only use the websocket when it is in OPEN state.
  • mod_backup: Catch errors when restoring a resource. Better user feedback in case of problems.
  • authentication: Set user preferences like language and tz during a logon.
  • core: Show an error when there is a problem rendering error.tpl
  • core: Set reqdata in context when rendering error.tpl. Fixes #1013
  • core: Make sure the error template is rendered with the expected variables and a good context.
  • core: Removed error logging code on ws error handler.

Marc Worrell (19):

  • mod_acl_user_groups: show default user group if user is not member of any group.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: when displaying user’s groups, check for displayed user being a user.
  • mod_admin: in dialog_edit_basics, only show the ‘full edit’ button if the user can access either mod_admin or mod_admin_frontend
  • core: refactored pivot queue polling, now will poll faster if anything was found in the queue.
  • core: force reload of client if page_id in z_msg is undefined.
  • core: fix a problem where a multipart post form could loop if the end-boundary was missing
  • mod_mqtt: fix race condition in re-subscribe of mqtt listeners after a module restart.
  • mod_admin: also check in .css files resulting from .less compilation.
  • mod_base: fix controller_api context handling in to_json.
  • core: allow ‘1’ and ‘true’ as timezones (both map to UTC)
  • mod_admin: also check in .css files resulting from .less compilation.
  • mod_base: fix a problem where a pager on page with ‘id’ and was not using the page_path of the resource. Fixes #1005
  • core: set default timeout of sql queries higher (from 5sec to 30sec)
  • mod_base: fix a problem with checking if the current path is the canonical path. Issue #1010
  • mod_admin: add generated .css files for systems without less installed.
  • core: change logging notifications from {log, …} to #zlog{}. Issue #992
  • core: fix typo in os:timestamp() call.
  • Merge branch ‘release-0.13.x’ of into release-0.13.x
  • core: add ‘’ to the sanitizer white list.

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