Release 0.16.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.16.0, released on 2 May, 2016.

Main changes are:

  • Fixed #1099: added collaboration groups.
  • #1227: Added ip_whitelist configuration option to block unwanted access when admin password is ‘admin’.
  • Serve status site with 503.
  • Fixed #1229: users cannot update their person resource.
  • Fixed #1236 by removing is_authoritative access check.
  • Fixed #1245 by improving the 403 page.
  • Fixed #1147 by passing qargs to search.
  • Fixed #1230: Firefox file upload error.
  • Fixed #1248: Dutch month abbreviation.
  • Fixed #1250: view button in case of no update permissions.

Commits since 0.15.0

There were 39 commits since release 0.15.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arjan Scherpenisse (4):
  • zotonic_status: Serve the root page with HTTP 503
  • mod_acl_user_groups: Fix permission issue
  • mod_acl_user_groups: Fix typo in edit check on the collab group itself
  • scripts: Fix
David de Boer (5):
  • mod_acl_user_groups: Automatically publish managed ACL rules
  • doc: Add Sphinx extlinks extension
  • mod_l10n: Fix #1248 Dutch month abbreviation
  • doc: Update for new lossless default (6e5692d0cab0eb5a125a05a3ab02933a0e6829e4)
  • Prepare release 0.16.0
Marc Worrell (29):
  • Add a whitelist of IP addresses that can use the default ‘admin’ password to login into sites.
  • Add doc for ip_whitelist config. Fix ip6 netmask
  • mod_search: add search argument ‘qargs’
  • mod_admin: add ‘object_id’ as optional argument to the connect dialog. Remove template from the ‘update’ notification, as it is ‘_rsc_item.tpl’ anyway.
  • modules: correction for some icons and small textual changes.
  • mod_admin_predicate/category: fix a problem with moving categories and predicates.
  • Add and fe80::/10 to the default ip_whitelist
  • core: add z_module_manager:activate_await/2, z_notifier:await/2 and /3.
  • core: rename z_module_manager:activate_wait to activate_await
  • mod_base: fix a problem with Firefox when uploading files via the postback controller. Fixes #1230
  • mod_base: fix a problem with firefox and sortable. Fixes #1239
  • mod_acl_user_groups: added support for collaboration groups. Issue #1099
  • Fix a problem where a user can’t update their own ‘person’ resource. Issue #1229
  • mod_acl_user_groups: fix a problem where ‘sudo’ was not handled properly during rsc updates. Issue #1229
  • mod_acl_user_groups: remove default ‘view’ rights on collaboration group.
  • core: do not require additional permissions to change the is_authoritative flag. Fixes #1236
  • docs: remove mention of streamhost, as it is removed from the code. Fixes #1228
  • mod_survey: changes for editing surveys and readable display of survey answers.
  • mod_export: fixes for export.
  • mod_export: fix header value lookup for {trans, _} tuples.
  • mod_base: in filter temporary_rsc, don’t crash on insert access error but return ‘undefined’
  • mod_admin: on edit page, make ‘view’ button into an anchor if no edit rights. Fixes #1250
  • mod_acl_user_groups: do not give view rights on unpublished rsc, unless user has edit permission.
  • mod_authentication/mod_base: better 403 page and translations. Fixes #1245
  • mod_acl_user_groups: ‘edit’ should be ‘update’, use m_rsc version of is_published_date
  • core: ensure in m_rsc that ‘language’ is a list of known languages.
  • mod_signup: use foldr for signup_form_fields, let higher prio modules win.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: tune access permissions for collaboration groups. All collab group members can view the collab group. If someone can update/link/delete a collab group, then that user can do the same on the collab group content. Rename the config collab_group_edit to collab_group_update.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: members of a collaboration group can view each other.
Osei Poku (1):
  • doc: Fix minor errors in documentation

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