Release 0.50.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.50.0, released on June 27, 2019.

Main changes are:

  • Compatible with OTP 21, minimal OTP version is now 18
  • View a log of Javascript UI errors in /admin/log/ui (disable with mod_logging.ui_log_disabled)
  • Log more events like identity changes and applied rate limit throttling
  • Only the admin can now chnage 2FA settings of the admin
  • In the admin connect dialog a new filter on category is added
  • Fix a problem with password resets on expired passwords
  • Fix a problem with password resets when the new password matches the old one
  • Fix a problem with wrong orientation of portrait video on Linux
  • Accept resource updates with dmy formatted date values

The exometer application was wrongly initialized since it was split into exometere_core and other applications. The default erlang configuraton had an entry for exometer, you should rename this in your erlang.config file to exometer_core.

Commits since 0.49.2

David de Boer (2):

  • build: Test 0.x against Erlang/OTP 21 (#1936)
  • mod_seo: Don’t store noindex value in db when read from site config (#2081)

Dorien (1):

  • mod_admin: Convert predicate to binary to fix matching (#2091)

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):

  • Exometer core config update (#2095)

Marc Worrell (17):

  • core: fix a problem where a filename with a space failed identify. (#2080)
  • Log levels and extra checks for identity changes / ratelimit (#2078)
  • Allow all categories if no predicate is defined. Fixes #2083 (#2085)
  • mod_admin: make upload element id dynamic to prevent id clash.
  • Log client ui errors (#2086)
  • Fix race condition in rsc_gone (#2087)
  • Only allow admin to change admin 2fa settings (#2077)
  • In connect/create dialog, add extra filter on category.
  • Fix link in body, hide ‘link’ when editing hierarchies.
  • WIP: Ensure ‘rsc’ table ref on search sort terms (#2035)
  • mod_logging: add config mod_logging.ui_log_disabled
  • Fix a problem with searching on ‘id:..’ in the create/link dialog. Issue #2089 (#2092)
  • admin: show ‘unique name’ field in quick edit for all meta resources. (#2097)
  • mod_video: cleanup and fix rotation on linux (#2099)
  • Support ‘dmy’ input format for dates. (#2098)
  • mod_ratelimit: add ‘m_ratelimit:delete_event/3’ to remove a ratelimit
  • mod_admin: do not toggle ‘depiction’ if image is embedded in tinymce (#2103)

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