Release 0.35.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.35.0, released on 4 December, 2017.

Main changes are:

  • Added automatic pivot table re-creation (#1735).
  • Added match_object_ids search term.
  • Fixed RSS feeds by serving them with Content-Disposition inline (#1847).
  • Fixed bug on non-SMP systems by enabling SMP by default (#1490).
  • Fixed WebSocket error messages by correctly closing WebSocket connections (#1840).
  • Fixed inconsistent data by re-pivoting both subject and object when edge is inserted/deleted (#1756).

Commits since 0.34.0

There were 14 commits since release 0.34.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Dirk Geurs (1):
  • Re-create custom pivot table when definition changes (#1735)
Fred Pook (1):
  • [mod_export] Observe content disposition (#1847)
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):
  • core: Carefully close websocket processes instead of killing them. Fixes #1840
  • mod_authentication: Use sudo context to update password
Marc Worrell (10):
  • Always enable smp. Fixes #1490
  • core: remove dependency on zotonic_release.hrl from main zotonic.hrl include.
  • mod_export: don’t crash on dispatches that are not export_rsc_query.
  • core: on edge change, pivot both object and subject. Issue #1756. Fixes #1722
  • tinymce/core: add tinymce option to link to url. Manual merge of 9c8964f51fd84e00458a27d8838b0e0c2894ee92
  • core: fix a problem in m_edge where edge-ids were given to a routine handling rsc-ids.
  • mod_search: add option to match on given object-ids instead of only a subject.
  • mod_search: add ‘match_object_ids’ search term.
  • mod_search: add ‘match_object_ids’ search term.
  • mod_editor_tinymce: remove quote at bottom of props dialog

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