Release 0.55.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.55.0, released on March 12, 2020.

Main changes are:

  • All admin pages are now ssl only (if ssl enabled)
  • Warning on admin/status page if the ssl app is not configured
  • Option to start editing languages but not use them yet for the site itself
  • Color coding of the admin depending on the current DTAP environment
  • Show warning in the admin when editing system resources like categories and predicates
  • Reorganization of the new-resource dialog
  • Backoff for erronous task-queue functions
  • Added function z:load_config() to reload the zotonic.config file, this does not restart listeners but does change settings like the smtp proxy and DTAP environment.

Commits since 0.54.0

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):

  • admin: Make all admin page accessible via ssl only. (#2310)
  • 1337 ssl application configuration (#2304)
  • core: Add an explicit table lock to prevent race conditions (#2333)

Marc Worrell (30):

  • Remove X-DTAP-Environment header. Issue #2302
  • Remove X-DTAP-Environment header. Issue #2302 (#2303)
  • docs: Remove mention of x-dtap-environment header.
  • Merge branch ‘2032-remove-dtap-header’ into 0.x
  • Fix bs3 class of progress-bar.
  • mod_translation: add option to make languages available in de admin/edit but not yet enabled. (#2307)
  • mod_admin: Show warning on edit page if editing system content. (#2311)
  • mod_admin: change content warning link to datamodel
  • core: add z:load_config() to reload the zotonic.config file. (#2313)
  • mod_admin: reflect the environment in the admin colors. Issue #2319 (#2320)
  • Hide the ‘file upload’ on initial show with preselected non-media category. Issue #2305 (#2322)
  • mod_admin: use abs uri for copy of download link
  • core: Add backoff for task queue errors.
  • Add ‘name.<name>’ as selector for catincludes (#2316)
  • email_status: Mark ‘access denied’ as unrecoverable.
  • mod_admin: correct menu item text color.
  • mod_admin: small correction in environment.less
  • mod_email_status: add email status panel to email log.
  • Add class ‘data-table’ which wraps td on any character
  • Fix icons on email status view.
  • mod_email_status: new nl translations
  • mod_logging: new translations
  • email: do not send any email to blocked addresses.
  • mod_admin: new page dialog, swap columns and small changes (#2330)

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