Release 0.10.1

Released on 2014-06-17 20:27 by arjan.

Release highlights

New core features

The properties of the resource model (m_rsc) can now be easily be inspected with the ‘print tag’ and iterated over.

New core features

The properties of the resource model (m_rsc) can now be easily be inspected with the ‘print tag’ and iterated over.

Updated modules

Added dispatch debugging and explanation. Added checkbox to disable the api-service /api/development/recompile
Add “configure” button in the module manager for modules which contain a template called _admin_configure_module.tpl.

New notification

Added the notification request_context. This is a foldl with the Context and is called after the request’s query arguments are parsed using z_context:ensure_qs/1. It can be used to perform transformations or actions based on the query arguments.

Commits overview

Arjan Scherpenisse (11):

  • build: Always use a downloaded rebar
  • core: Add pivot columns for location lat / lng.
  • core: Add zotonic_dispatch_path to z_context blacklist
  • core: Fix comet/WS when site streamhost is undefined and redirect = false
  • core: Let Travis build 0.10.x
  • core: recode iso639 module to UTF-8
  • doc: Clarify why Zotonic cannot directly use port 80
  • mod_admin: Add option ‘show_date’ to ‘latest resources’ admin dashboard widget
  • mod_admin: Correct vertical centering of connection dialog
  • mod_admin_modules: Add “configure” button on module manager
  • mod_base: Vertically center the z_dialog when it is opened

Arthur Clemens (19):

  • doc: Add OS support, change name to Requirements
  • doc: Improve docs sidebar layout a bit
  • doc: Rename ‘tutorials’ to ‘installation’
  • doc: Tuning docs on services and mod_oauth
  • doc: add example to filter on depiction
  • doc: add link to manual dispatch
  • doc: document restart command
  • doc: elaborate conditional display of widget
  • doc: fix ‘button title’ to ‘button text’
  • doc: show_media tag TLC
  • doc: tweak highlight and see also colors
  • doc: update Zotonic shell
  • make new page button pass current category
  • mod_admin: disable reindex button while indexing
  • mod_admin: improve feedback
  • mod_admin: live update of pivot queue count
  • mod_editor_tinymce: introduce z_editor

Marc Worrell (24):

  • core: added ‘request_context’ notification. Triggered after a request’s query arguments are parsed.
  • core: always set the user explicitly in the session. Don’t copy the user from the current context.
  • core: bump version to 0.10.0p1
  • core: fix problem where z_db:insert can hang when running out of db connections.
  • core: let the template {% print m.rsc[1] %} print all rescource properties. Same for {% for k,v in m.rsc[1] %}.%
  • core: more binary/list changes (due to z_string changes)
  • core: set default schema for sites without dbschema config.
  • core: set the option for Erlang 17.0 and later. Issue #764
  • core: set the zotonic_dispatch_path to the path before an internal resource redirec.
  • docs: add documentation for zotonic_dispatch_path_rewrite var
  • docs: add more mod_development documentation.
  • docs: add note about 0.10.0p1
  • docs: added preliminary 0.10.1 release notes.
  • mod_admin_frontend: fix for introduction of z_editor. Also sync the language tabs.
  • mod_development: add access control to the dispatch rule debugger.
  • mod_development: add checkbox to enable or disable the development/recompile api.
  • mod_development: add human-readable form for rewrite_nomatch. Always show the final dispatch.
  • mod_development: added request dispatching debug. This shows the steps of the dispatcher in matching a dispatch rule, including all bindings, rewrites etc.
  • mod_development: added template lookup tool to check the template selection. Optionally add a resource castegory. Shows the selected template per user-agent class.
  • mod_development: fix build of edoc.
  • mod_development: fix problem where the dispatch-debugging interfered with ssl connection redirects.
  • mod_development: show final dispatch after #dispatch_rewrite.
  • mod_oembed: fix for z_string:to_name/1 now returning a binary.
  • mod_survey: fix display of likert. Values were reversed from real values.

Mawuli Adzaku (1):

  • mod_base: Add ‘md5’ filter to translate a string to an md5 hex value

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