Release 0.52.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.52.0, released on November 6, 2019.

Main changes are:

  • Add controller option set_session_cookie, set to false to not set a session cookie
  • Add a delete button in the tinymce media edit dialog
  • API for fetching the active language list /api/translation/language_list
  • Add tinyMCE release 4.9.6
  • Fix site install using the cli addsite command; replace .dev with .test
  • Fix a problem where ui logging in mod_logging could not be disabled
  • Fix a problem with resource merge where edges notifications were not sent
  • Fix a problem where path names in template debug where truncated

Commits since 0.51.2

Dorien (1):

  • Add dispatch so pager tpl can use this (#2197)

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (1):

  • core: Implemented option to make setting the session cookie optional. (#2207)

Marc Worrell (11):

  • mod_logging: no logging if is_ui_ratelimit_check returns false. (#2203)
  • Add api to fetch language list (#2208)
  • Fix widgetmanager fallback for non JSON data
  • Show full filepath in template debug. Fix #2118 (#2218)
  • core: merge edges by inserting new ones. (#2219)
  • mod_admin: fix problem with crashes on undefined translations. Fix #2212
  • Fix problems with blog skel installation (#2201)
  • mod_editor_tinymce: add zmedia ‘delete’ button. Fixes #2105 (#2222)
  • Fix relpath display in dtl compiler. Issue #2118
  • Include z.zeditor.js widget in the admin. This enables use of ‘do_zeditor’ classes.
  • Tinymce 4.9.6 (#2224)

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