Release 0.14.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.14.0, released on 7 March, 2016.

Main changes are:

Commits since 0.13.8

There were 65 commits since release 0.13.8.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

David de Boer (17):
  • mod_import_csv: Fix CSV import for CR files
  • Add release preparation script
  • Restructure documentation into guides and reference
  • Add data model notification
  • Increase resource URI length
  • Move 0.13.7 release notes to new dir
  • doc: Document how to build docs
  • mod_admin_identity: Add config param for new user category
  • Support managed ACL rules
  • mod_acl_user_groups: Improve wording and add missing Dutch translations
  • Prepare hotfix release 0.13.8
  • doc: Improve access control chapter
  • Move release notes to proper location
  • Prepare release 0.14.0
  • doc: Fix link
  • doc: fix notification reference
  • Add 0.14.0 release notes
Lil’ Dash (1):
  • Fix the leap year error(issue : #1202)
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (15):
  • core: Added reference to active comet connection. Preparation for connection test page
  • mod_base: Added connection test page
  • core: Return 0 bytes when there is nothing to transport. Related to #1097
  • core: Typo in refactored controller_comet
  • mod_base: removed debug statement from comet controller
  • admin: Make it possible to brand the admin console
  • mod_base: Removed delegate macro, it was tripping edoc generation
  • core: Fixes setting and resetting ws transport timeouts. Related to #1116
  • mod_base: Let postback and comet return text/x-ubf mimetype.
  • build: Make it possible to separate user beams
  • build: Add user_ebin_dir to
  • build: Fix for the case when there is no user work
  • doc: Repair underline warning.
  • mod_mqtt: Restart middleman subscriber processes. Fixes #1201
  • mod_ssl: Create and use a file with dh parameters. Fixes #1198
Marc Worrell (31):
  • mod_export: encode YMD only date as UTC, add fallback for other dates to handle illegal dates.
  • mod_export: suppress ST_JUTTEMIS and year 9999 dates in the output.
  • Lock new depcache. Fixes a problem where the wrong depcache could be used for lookups. Fixes #1172
  • core: refactor transport of multipart posts and comet polls.
  • core: fix specs of refactored z_parse_multipart functions.
  • mod_base: only initialize callback forms after javascript delegate calls, not after other delegates. Issue #1159
  • core: allow ‘none’ as crop argument.
  • core: allow flexible ‘visible_for’ settings.
  • docs: add doc for m.category.text.tree_flat
  • core: use the ‘image’ dispatch rule to generate image urls.
  • core: add more information and better docs for the m.req model.
  • core: (m_rsc) allow template access to page_url and other ‘public’ properties of non accessible resources.
  • core: show 403 page with option to login instead of redirecting to login controller. Fixes #1148
  • core: fix ‘provide_empty’ in http error controller.
  • core: fix erlydtl debug for binary filenames.
  • mod_twitter: drop tweet id 0
  • mod_translation: add interface to change the i18n.language_stemmer configuration
  • mod_oembed/mod_video_embed: add the medium properties video_embed_service and video_embed_id. Fixes #941
  • mod_base: added actions overlay_open/overlay_close
  • mod_backup: fix acl check for revisions
  • core: fix redirect returns within dispatcher for alternate hosts.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: fix a problem with edge checks for hasusergroup edges. Fixes #1199
  • mod_authentication: fix ru translation for ‘Sign in’ Fixes #1197
  • core: allow ‘{lossless, false}’ in mediaclass definitions.
  • core: fixes for initialization and startup of new sites.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: fix schema initialization. Fixes #1200
  • core: fix for check of db schema exists.
  • core: better check query for schema existance.
  • core: filter the watch_dirs on dead links, this fixes a problem with inotify stopping on removed link targets
  • core: fix a problem where the comet loop can crash if the page process dies.
  • mod_survey: do not crash on unknown survey question types when preparing charts.
Marco Wessel (1):
  • scripts: Add zotonic-rpc and zotonic-wait commands

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