Release 0.7.2

Released on 2011-12-11 19:51 by arjan.

Alain O’Dea (1):

  • Ignore compile output and runtime generated files

Arjan Scherpenisse (mod_mailinglist):

  • Added new bounce handling dialog.
  • Attach documents to the mailing for each ‘hasdocument’ edge instead of ‘document’.
  • Added administration of worker processes to email server.
  • Updated translations, removed references to mod_emailer.
  • Fixed using the configured address in mailinglist rsc as the “from” address.
  • Re-added the option of test-sending a mailinglist page to a single address.
  • Removed already_sent check from mod_mailinglist, which is not needed since the new interface.
  • Fix include reference to mailing footer template.

Arjan Scherpenisse (mod_survey):

  • mod_survey: made questions configurably required or not.
  • Added dutch translation for mod_survey; small template tweaks. Fixes #205
  • mod_survey: quick hack to put email validation on a field if you name it ‘email’.

Arjan Scherpenisse (misc):

  • Added support for varying overview lists in the admin on category.
  • mod_facebook: make ‘scope’ parameter configurable.
  • On win32, mime type returned as application/octet for all files.
  • Added spanish translation and install the spanish language by default and enable it.
  • Added a file with the translators per language.
  • Scan all erlang files in the modules for translatable strings.
  • Added missing file
  • Added 2 new translation template files.
  • Add check in zotonic-addsite to see if the given site name is valid.
  • tiny_mce: Fixed the disappearing of inline images. Fixes issue #203.
  • Tooltip Y position is now dependent on its height. Fixes issue #207
  • Disregard stderr output from identify command. Fixes issue #206
  • Make windows users happy when redirecting stderr.
  • Added dutch month/day names to mod_l10n.
  • z_datamodel: do not try to resolve ‘undefined’ in valid_for check
  • Generalized group_title_firstchar filter into group_firstchar.
  • Added date_start_year= and date_end_year= search filters to filter on year of date start/end.
  • Fix infinite recursion in sub_month/3 filter.
  • mod_import_csv: Added import button to admin status page.
  • m_rsc_update emptied the pivot_date_* fields when date_ fields where not part of the update.
  • Added application/x-font-woff for webfonts.
  • Allow modules to override admin TinyMCE options which were originally set in admin-common.js
  • Addressed the issues in the backup module. Fixes #220
  • mod_backup: make sure we have an archive dir before archiving.
  • Added option email_bounce_override to override bounce email address.
  • Allow id to be either number or unique name for resource_admin_edit.
  • Export z_session_manager:get_session_id/1.
  • z_html: do not escape/strip HTML when a property name ends in _html.
  • z_html:escape_props/1 - Make selecting escape function more safe.
  • Fixed picture rotation detection by tweaking the parser of the output of “exif -m -t Rotation”.
  • Fixed z_utils:tempfile() to respect OS environment variables.
  • z_convert:to_json/1 now also accepts floating point numbers.
  • Fix SQL error in z_installer.
  • Add distinctive icon for internal link in TinyMCE. Fixes #189
  • Removed m_identity:{get,set}_props which were unused and not working.
  • Show language selector on admin media page. Fixes #253
  • mod_twitter: remove invalid {verbose, trace} option.
  • lower/upper filters now try to convert their argument to a list if they’re not.

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