Release 0.13.2

Welcome Zotonic 0.13.2, released on August 11, 2015.

This is a maintenance release of Zotonic 0.13

The main change is that this version compiles correctly on Erlang 18.

Commits since 0.13.1

There were 15 commits since release 0.13.1.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Marc Worrell (15):

  • docs: fix ref in 0.13.1 release notes.
  • mod_oauth: fix user_id initialization on direct app creation
  • mod_oauth: use the abs_url of the request path for checking the signature. This fixes an issue where OAuth access to https sites is denied.
  • mod_content_groups: also add the content group as related data to the pivot.
  • mod_base/mod_admin: add optional redirect to the set website, using ‘is_website_redirect’. Allow overruling the controller’s ‘is_canonical’ flag with ‘is_page_path_multiple’. Add documentation for rsc properties ‘is_dependent’, ‘content_group_id’, ‘is_page_path_multiple’ and ‘is_webite_redirect’.
  • New z_stdlib
  • core: allow max 5 smtp connections per relay, set max parallel smtp senders to 100. Fixes #993
  • mod_survey: open survey results from mod_admin_frontend in new window.
  • mod_base: hide any files and directories whose name starts with a ‘.’ Fixes #991
  • core: fix compilation on Erlang 18.0. Fixes #979
  • core: add erlang 18 as travis target.
  • Locked new deps.
  • Preliminary 0.13.2 release and release notes.
  • New z_stdlib
  • mod_content_groups: on pivot add the complete path for the content-group as related ids.

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