Release 0.10.2

Released on 2014-10-01 20:16 by arjan.

Arjan Scherpenisse (13):

  • mod_menu: Add menuexport JSON service
  • mod_survey: Return the (possibly generated) submission id, after insert
  • mod_admin: Put the unicode quotes of the link message in binaries
  • core: Flush z_datamodel after managing new categories
  • mod_twitter: Fix twitter OAuth logon
  • mod_base: Export controller_logon:set_rememberme_cookie/2
  • doc: clarify using categories defined by other modules in manage_schema
  • core: Always normalize rsc blocks
  • mod_survey: Align ACL check of printable results page
  • core: Fix name-to-id cache invalidation
  • mod_admin: Add option to create outgoing edges in new page dialog.
  • mod_survey: Fix dispatch rule ACL access
  • mod_oauth: No ACL check on authorize URL; just check if logged in

Arthur Clemens (19):

  • minor translation and typo fixes
  • docs: small improvements to link and unlink action
  • doc: mention named wire actions in wire doc
  • Remove redundant is_protected check on resource
  • doc: update menu documentation to reflect actual output of the module
  • mod_menu: add param class to menu
  • doc: add reference to to_integer
  • core: increase maximum image size for previews
  • doc: describe attributes removebg and upscale
  • doc: document md5 filter
  • doc: document filter default
  • doc: fix module install command
  • translation: typo
  • Fix various NL translation inconsistencies
  • Fix NL translation
  • Only use pre block if error_dump is available
  • Add clause for 404
  • mod_acl_simple_roles: add module names to titles
  • mod_oauth: change required access to mod_oauth

David de Boer (3):

  • Fix edges not being added in manage_schema
  • Allow to set is_protected from manage_schema
  • mod_admin: Fix typo

Marc Worrell (12):

  • mod_video_embed: correctly fetch preview images for youtube videos with a ‘#’ in the url.
  • mod_video: fixes for handling binaries returned from the z_string and other function (used to be lists)
  • Merge branch ‘release-0.10.x’ of into release-0.10.x
  • core: minor fix in mime-lookup for files not recognized by ‘identify’
  • core: allow binary results from validations. For now map them to lists, later with the binary webmachine replace this with binary only.
  • core: fix problem where rsc_gone insertion would crash if there is already a ‘gone’ entry for the rsc. This is in the category ‘should not happen’, but also happened in production.
  • core: add infinite timeout to dispatcher calls, prevent crashes on busy or swapping machines.
  • core: add DB_PROPS macro to ease transition from 0.10 to 0.11
  • Merge pull request #799 from driebit/is-protected-schema
  • mod_survey: better survey results display.
  • core: fixes for tinymce initialization and language tab sync in the admin
  • mod_admin_identity: let’s stop sending the password in clear text.

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