Release 0.12.0

Welcome Zotonic 0.12.0, released on October 8, 2014.

This release has been released on the same day as Release 0.11.0. The main difference between these 2 releases is that in 0.12, Bootstrap has been upgraded on all templates. 0.11 was released as a feature release with all major improvements of the last 6 months excluding Bootstrap 3 support.

Bootstrap CSS version 3

Zotonic has been switched over to the latest version of the Bootstrap Framework, version 3.2.0. When you are using Zotonic’s mod_bootstrap or when you have customized the admin templates, you will need to update your templates.

A full migration guide to upgrading from Bootstrap 2.x is here:, a tool to help you convert your Zotonic templates is located here:

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