Release 0.8.1

Released on 2012-08-11 16:36 by arjan.

Ahmed Al-Saadi (1):

Arjan Scherpenisse (20):

  • Fixed the “make docs” command in the Makefile
  • Fix 2 typos.
  • mod_mailinglist - depend on mod_logging.
  • mod_mailinglist - address recipients by name in welcome/confirm/goodbye messages.
  • mod_mailinglist: new filter to add recipient details to links in mails.
  • mod_backup: Prefix backup files with the site’s name.
  • Dynamically calculate the ebin dirs when compiling .erl, to ensure deps/ ebin dir existence.
  • Fix wording of SEO webmaster tools configuration. Fixes #310.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/release-0.8.x’ into release-0.8.x
  • Added optional argument to show_media filter which specifies the used template for media items.
  • z_email_server: Force quoted-printable encoding on HTML and Text parts in emails.
  • Show e-mail addresses that have been entered in the survey in an easy copy-pastable dialog.
  • mod_survey: Added easily-printable output.
  • mod_survey: Sort the printable list on name_surname by default. Sort argument from the query string is also supported.
  • mod_survey: Use lowercase when sorting printable list
  • Backport fixes to Twitter filter to 0.8.
  • Fix blog skel indentation. Fixes #329

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (4):

  • The session id was not stored when a new session was created. Hopefully this fixes #327.
  • Fix for mochiweb:to_html bug with singleton tags. Fixes issue #328
  • Make language dependent URL rewriting configurable. Fixes #315
  • Fix for logoff option. Fixes #382

Marc Worrell (8):

  • Fixed a problem when editing a newly added menu. This was already fixed in the new-admin-design branch.
  • Fixed typo in attr name (‘check’ instead of ‘checked’)
  • Fix cache key of page. Issue #313
  • Added travis-ci config from master.
  • mod_survey: Added some css to display survey questions.
  • mod_survey: Better likert display
  • mod_survey: Better matching display
  • mod_survey: Better longanswer display

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