Release 0.44.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.44.0, released on 18 January, 2019.

Main changes are:

  • New module mod_ratelimit, which limits authentication requests and password resets
  • Automatic session timeout, configure with site.session_expire_inactive (default 14400 seconds)
  • See all your active sessions at /logon/sessions
  • Mnesia files are now placed in a directory per node, e.g. priv/mnesia/zotonic001@foobar/

BC breaks

  • The password reset dispatch rule was changed. If you override email_password_reset.tpl, you now need to pass the username too.


    {% url logon_reset secret=secret use_absolute_url %}


    {% url logon_reset secret=secret u=username use_absolute_url %}

  • The delegate and postbacks for authentication requests has been changed. Use now controller_logon and check the logon and password reset templates for the correct arguments. If you didn’t add your own authentication templates then you don’t need to do anything.

Commits since 0.43.0

David de Boer (1):

  • core: Remove pivot_resource/2 export (#1967)

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):

  • Prevent a crashing mqtt module subscriber to also crash the module. Fixes #1962
  • Added the possibility to compile when running zotonic (#1954)

Marc Worrell (17):

  • mod_twitter: fix coordinates lookup.
  • mod_email_status: fix problem upgrading older email_status module.
  • mod_twitter: fix a problem with the first page when following users.
  • core: also trigger pivot_done on manual rsc pivot (#1966)
  • Pivot done (#1968)
  • core: Move mnesia files to a directory per node. (#1969)
  • mod_facebook: Use https for the Facebook share link
  • Ratelimit for authentication requests (#1970)
  • Session timeout on inactivity and session overview (#1972)
  • mod_base: make the z_logon cookie more secure.
  • core: fix problem with setting x-frame-options
  • Add ‘Please try again in …’ to the password reset forms.
  • mod_authentication: add nl translations.
  • mod_authentication: pass wire-args on logon.
  • mod_seo: use Google Analytics localStorage instead of cookies.
  • Remove compile warnings.
  • Upgrade webzmachine

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