Release 0.42.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.42.0, released on 5 November, 2018.

Main changes are:

  • Prevent search engine indexing of error, logon, and language switch pages.
  • Add Yandex site verification
  • Support user_id as configured dispatch id in controller_redirect

Commits since 0.41.0

David de Boer (1):

  • mod_admin: Pass content group id when inserting a resource (#1937)

Marc Worrell (9):

  • mod_seo: add Yandex site verification
  • mod_base: support ‘user_id’ as id value in controller_redirect.
  • mod_seo: allow ovverule of shortlink and cononical url
  • mod_translation: do not index the translation urls, as this will end up in recursions for the crawlers.
  • core: fix a problem where the pivot process could crash if a resource was deleted during pivot.
  • mod_authentication: set ‘noindex’ and ‘notrack’ template vars on the logon and error pages.
  • Add 0.42.0 release notes
  • Set version to 0.42.0
  • Merge branch ‘0.x’ into 0.42

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