Release 0.11.1

Released on 2014-10-20 22:47 by arjan.

Arjan Scherpenisse (7):

  • core: Disable sendfile support by default and make a note of this
  • core: Fix crashing make on initial build
  • core: When using locked deps, still add the deps from zotonic.config
  • doc: Fix preinstall notes about buggy erlang versions
  • doc: Fix sidebar
  • doc: fix sidebar link
  • scripts: Add “-v” argument to zotonic command to print the version

Arthur Clemens (1):

  • doc: update references to priv/config

Maas-Maarten Zeeman (8):

  • build: Added delete-deps
  • build: Fix make clean
  • build: Update mochiweb and webzmachine in .lock file
  • core: Fix z_sites_dispatcher so it accepts empty paths. Fixes #842
  • core: Fixes IE problems in zotonic js
  • core: IE8 fixes for ubf js
  • core: Prune context and spawn notifier process only when needed
  • core: Remove error and close handlers before ws restarts.

Marc Worrell (31):

  • admin: force to select category when adding new content.
  • base: refactor the moreresults action.
  • core: For websocket, keep reqdata information for ‘is_ssl’ checks.
  • core: add acl mime check to m_media:replace/3.
  • core: add lager warnings when modules are stopped.
  • core: add to test if a modules is active. Remove checks with the code server if a module is running.
  • core: add mime type exception for WMA files, they were recognized as video files.
  • core: add sanitization of text/html-video-embed. Move #context handling out of z_html to z_sanitize.
  • core: do not delete/insert edges when changing the order via mod_menu
  • core: fix concatenating certain combined file streams.
  • core: lager info with modules to be started.
  • core: m_rsc:p_no_acl/3 request for a non-existing resource should return ‘undefined’, just like m_rsc:p/3.
  • core: module start/stop progress messages are now debug level.
  • core: remove debug statement from m_media
  • core: remove nested transaction from the z_edge_log_server check.
  • erlydtl: allow lookup of var.key for a list [{<<key>>, …}]
  • filestore: use filezcache:locate_monitor/1 to let the filezcache track z_file_entry processes.
  • m.modules: replace usage of with
  • m_identity: don’t crash if #identity_password_match{} doesn’t match any observers.
  • menu: edge menu sorter has a problem with sorting nested collections. Disable sorting for now.
  • mod_admin: if date is not editable, display it as text.
  • mod_admin: more generic css for .category spans.
  • mod_admin: move validation inside the category_select block
  • mod_admin: when replacing a media item, show the oembed/video-embed panels for embedded content.
  • mod_admin_identity: prevent Safari autofilling username/passwords in new user-account forms. Fixes #811
  • mod_menu/mod_admin_frontend: enable editing of collections as side-menu.
  • mod_menu: fix for passing the item_template option to the server when adding items.
  • mod_survey: evaluate empty jump conditions to ‘true’
  • mod_tkvstore: don’t start as named module.
  • smtp: Initialize e-mail server settings on startup. This is needed now that disc_copies are used.
  • translation: added some missing nl translations.

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