Release 0.12.3

Released on 2014-12-22 10:30 by mworrell.

Major changes are:

  • Fix of the twerl git url in rebar.config.lock
  • New z_stdlib, fixing issues with url metadata extraction
  • Sanitization of oembed content
  • Addition of Font Awesome 4
  • Extended Zotonic logo font

The following commits were done

Arthur Clemens (20):

  • admin: general layout fixes
  • admin: use zotonic icons
  • doc: update logo and link style
  • fix gitignore
  • mod_admin: remove unused files
  • mod_admin: update with mod_base changes
  • mod_artwork: add font awesome 4
  • mod_artwork: add zotonic logos
  • mod_artwork: rename logo folder to “zotonic”
  • mod_base: allow other libs to import z.icons.less
  • mod_base: bring back (predictable) circle icons
  • mod_base: extend logo font to include general icons for Zotonic modules
  • mod_base: make extra tag more compatible
  • mod_base: replace some icons with FA versions, add button styles
  • mod_base: simplify icon creation; add extending FA icons
  • mod_base: update favicon
  • Remove unused files
  • zotonic_status: add less files
  • zotonic_status: make responsive, update appearance
  • zotonic_status: notification tweaks

Marc Worrell (8):

  • core: add instagram js and urls to whitelist.
  • core: lock new z_stdlib library. Fix twerl git url. Fixes #895
  • mod_admin: always show media content, independent if size was defined.
  • mod_oembed/mod_twitter: prefer our own ‘website’ extraction above oembed links. Pass the tweet url in the import_resource notification
  • mod_oembed: add missing fallback _oembed_embeddable.tpl
  • mod_oembed: sanitize received oembed code html and texts.
  • mod_survey: fix problem where displaying the results did not work due to move sanitization functions.
  • mod_twitter: fix import of tweets with special-html chars, was double escaped in title.

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