Release 0.30.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.30.0, released on 3 July, 2017.

Main changes are:

  • Fixed a problem with escaping characters in From/Reply-To e-mail headers.
  • Fixed retrieving header info when there is no wm_reqdata.

Commits since 0.29.0

There were 7 commits since release 0.29.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

David de Boer (1):
  • Revert “scripts: Raise maximum number of atoms (#1676)”
Maas-Maarten Zeeman (2):
  • core: Fix retrieving header info when there is no wm_reqdata
  • mod_mqtt: Provide a minified version of qlobber to save some kbs
Marc Worrell (4):
  • smtp: fix a problem with escaping certain characaters in email from/reply-to headers.
  • core: add max smtp connection per domain
  • Lock z_stdlib on 0.x branch
  • mod_acl_user_groups: use default content group if no content group defined.

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