Frontend cookbook

Security, templates and XSS prevention
Ensuring that you don't fall victim to cross site scripting and other injection attacks takes vigilance, eye for details and especially some good naming habits.
Implementing a simple contact form
This tutorial teaches you to create a form, validate it, submit it over Ajax and e-mail the results back to you.
How to add a custom Content Block
Zotonic comes with a number of standard content blocks: Header, Text and Embed page. Additional content blocks are provided by modules, for example mod_survey…
Updating form field from a dialog
Ever wanted to update a form field from a dialog, possibly giving the user some list to choose from? Here’s how to do it.
Enabling Growl Notifications
Using growl outside admin requires some magic to make it work.
Page-specific dynamic backgrounds
Use edges ( page connections ) to associate backgrounds with pages.
Retrieving the category of a page
Getting the category from a URL is somewhat involved, but not impossible. This is an example of what you can do with filters.
Share variable binding across blocks
How to avoid having to call the same query inside several blocks of the same page
Customizing the sign up and sign in form
You want to change parts of the form, or change its appearance.
Managing redirection after login and signup
Configure mod_signup to redirect to something other than a member’s home page.
Displaying a site map
For the benefit of search engines and fans of tables of contents you can easily provide a site map.
Site-specific signup actions
Performing additional, project-specific actions when a user signs up
Dynamic select options using a wired template
Why Suppose you want to wire a change event for a select box to update a another select box, i.e. you want to wire the action to use the selected value when…

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