Release 0.15.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.15.0, released on 4 April, 2016.

Main changes are:

  • Added is_number template filter.
  • Added persistent_set template action. resource.
  • Added mod_media_exif.
  • Improved mod_export.
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to 4.3.7.
  • Fixed #1216 by changing lossless media option to false (instead of auto).
  • Fixed #1148 by adding 403 page for logged in users that have no access to the current
  • Fixed #1205: DPI for resized images.
  • Fixed #1224: limit access to mod_rest and mod_export to users that have use permission.
  • Fixed #1221: order of Growl messages.

Commits since 0.14.0

There were 60 commits since release 0.14.0.

Big thanks to all people contributing to Zotonic!

Git shortlog

Arthur Clemens (3):
  • mod_admin: remove extraneous closing div
  • mod_admin: move footer to its own row
  • mod_admin: add a bit of space to the footer
David de Boer (4):
  • mod_admin: Fix link to search docs (#1220)
  • doc: Fix ACL rule fixture syntax
  • scripts: Fix comment
  • Prepare 0.15.0
Marc Worrell (53):
  • core: fix a problem where the comet loop can crash if the page process dies.
  • mod_base: add ‘is_number’ filter.
  • mod_backup: move the list of known resource properties to m_rsc.
  • mod_export: refactor export, separate encoder functions. Added xlsx export encoder.
  • mod_survey: remove controller_survey_results, mod_export is now used.
  • docs: remove controller_survey_result docs.
  • docs: add documentation for filter is_number
  • mod_export: add vcalendar export (ics)
  • mod_export: connect mod_export to the 303 handling of controller_id
  • mod_export: remove #export_resource_data observe, this is already handled in export_encoder:do_body/2
  • mod_base: new action ‘persistent_set’
  • docs: fix inline quote error.
  • docs: add persistent_set to the doc tree
  • core: also look into ~/.zotonic/<major-version>/.. directory for configuration.
  • mod_export: filter tags and unescape html with spreadsheet exports. Add ‘raw’ option to not filter/unescape.
  • mod_export: fix double reverse of xlsx rows
  • mod_survey: also show the prompts in the answers exports.
  • core: use Erlang ‘exif’ module and add mod_media_exif to extract resource properties (gps, orientation, crop, date)
  • Run travis on 0.x
  • docs: add simple documenttaion for mod_media_exif
  • core: add mod_media_exif to the core modules.
  • core: fix for focus point calculation.
  • tinymce: add version 4.3.7. Add option to add captions to the body media. Also: * Add a template for the image options dialog * Move some named wires to _editor.tpl to prevent multiple initialization for every single editable body.
  • mod_editor_tinymce: remove version 4.0.26 and 4.1.6
  • mod_editor_tinymce: remove the deleted tinymce versions from the configure dialog
  • mod_editor_tinymce: include the correct css version
  • mod_export: simplified download buttons for the admin sidebar
  • mod_export: add explanation for event download
  • mod_authentication: add 403 page with logon form (or redirect button for secure page)
  • Switch to nlfiedler/erlang-exif.git instead of our own branch
  • Switch to nlfiedler/erlang-exif.git instead of our own branch
  • mod_base: remove comet streamhost from zotonic js
  • core: remove mentions of streamhost (which is unsupported)
  • New mochiweb
  • mod_filestore: remove GreenQloud - they transferred their business to another company.
  • core: start using psql ‘IN (SELECT(unnest(::int[])))’ instead of concatenated id strings.
  • mod_twitter: fix a problem where httpc sessions were not closed.
  • New twerl library
  • mod_base: restart ws/comet if navigating back to the page in iOS/Safari
  • mod_base: tune stream restart on pageshow of persisted pages.
  • mod_base: better session check on pageshow. Still a problem if tinymce is enabled and the page is re-visited for the 2nd time (twice back to the page).
  • mod_mailinglist: add some useful shortcuts to the edit sidebar panel
  • New tw* erl dep
  • core: ensure that resized images have a density of 72DPI. Fixes #1205
  • Fix media preview test for dpi forcing
  • mod_base: show newer growl messages on top. Fixes #1221
  • core: change media preview option ‘lossless’ default to ‘false’ (instead of ‘auto’). Fixes #1216
  • Fix a problem with filtering on content-group in searches.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: fix a problem where the ACL tree expand could not find some entries.
  • mod_acl_user_groups: fix problem adding new rules. Stabilize the order of rules by including the rule creation date and id into the sort order Split system content groups in pull-down, to clearify that ‘all’ doesn’t apply to the system content groups.
  • mod_export: limit exports to users with mod_export.use permission. Refactor export api, simple privacy filter for email address. Issue #1224
  • mod_rest: add acl check for mod_rest.use. Issue #1224
  • mod_logging: fix a problem with filtering on content-id and other-id.

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