Release 0.49.0

Welcome to Zotonic 0.49.0, released on May 6, 2019.

Main changes are:

  • BC break: Upgraded Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript in mod_admin to 3.4.1; mod_admin no longer ships with a separate Bootstrap instance but uses the one from mod_bootstrap. Any customizations you made to the Bootstrap CSS will therefore be visible in the admin, too.
  • Logging: the /admin/log changed and now more useful. Events logged include module activation, config changes, rate limiting and ACL changes.
  • mod_clamav now also rejects MS Office files with externalLinks directories. This can be turned off using the Zotonic config key clamav_reject_msoffice_external_links
  • Uploaded CSV files are now given the mime type text/csv and properly sanitized
  • Password reset tokens are now valid for two days.
  • mod_linkedin now uses their v2 API

Commits since 0.48.1

David de Boer (2):

  • mod_admin: Upgrade Bootstrap (#2041)
  • Add password reset token expiration (#2055)

Marc Worrell (5):

  • Linkedin v2 (#2048)
  • mod_linkedin: fix cherry-pick
  • Add config option to force new password on password reset (#2056)
  • Additional virus scanning for spreadsheet files (#2054)
  • Logging of system/acl events in mod_logging (#2057)

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