Release 0.6.0

Released on 2011-02-12.

New features

SSL support
Zotonic has gotten support for serving web pages over secure HTTPS connections. When configured, it listens by default on port 8443. See for details.
A new subsystem for the low-level logging and tracing of requests. This module should be used to log lower level events during development time. Higher-level log messages (e.g. events by Zotonic modules) are still handled by ‘mod_logging’.
multilingual content
Every resource can have be translated in as many languages as you like. The admin has gotten an interface to provide the editing of the multiple language versions. Available languages are fully dynamically configurable.
Partial rewrite of depcache system, is now faster and using more the process dictionary of the calling process to cache often used values.

New and changed modules

New module providing a handy signal and slot mechanism for use in templates.
New module providing a simple typed key/value store for modules and Erlang code.
Check if the user has a preferred language (in the user’s persistent data). If not then check the accept-language header (if any) against the available languages.
Tweaks in the templates, updated dutch translations; do not send mail when deleting recipient from admin; Added ‘recipient_id’ to some e-mails so that the e-mails are sent in the correct language.
Fix user name display in password reminder e-mail.
Fix for e-mail override, escape the ‘@’ in the original e-mail address. Added flushing of poll messages
Added option to set a no-index for a complete site. New Google Analytics tracker code. With thanks to Richard Fergie.
Configurable from address for contact email
Fix for finding users, select only identity records with type ‘username_pw’
Better handling for undefined date_end values.
Improper months ordering in archive_year_month query. (#134)
Possibility to create an arbitrary number of different menu’s. Also a new filter (menu_trail) which gets the menu trail for the main menu.

Changes to template filters and tags

‘first’ filter
added optional length parameter
min/max and minmax
3 new filters were added to clamp a value in an (integer) range.
New filter, similar to the Django filesizeformat filter.
lib tag
Extended the lib tag with a ‘use_absolute_url’ option.
confirm/alert actions
These actions were changed and now use HTML dialogs instead of javascript popups.
New filter to reverse a list
menu tag
Added ‘menu_id’ parameter to specify which menu to render
New filter to calculate the difference between two dates
tinymce_add, tinymce_remove
New actions to dynamically initialize of de-initialize rich textareas
New action to trigger a named wire.
Added a new ‘visible’ wire type, which triggers when the wired element comes into view (by scrolling or using ‘show’).
New scomp which shows a ‘loader’ image and performs onetime actions when loader comes into view.

General bug fixes

  • Fix for ‘double-dot’ in e-mails when using postfix. Also encode the $. characters using quoted-printable.
  • Fix for format_price filter. Show thousands when no cents.
  • Make video embed code editable.
  • Merged various webmachine fixes, updating it to 1.7.3:

  • support {stream, TotalSize, StreamFun} body result for range-capable streams
  • Add infinity timeout to gen_server calls
  • Allow multiple IP/port bindings
  • split chunk header on semicolon just in case a client is using chunk extensions
  • properly extract peername from all rfc1918 addrs
  • change H7 to match on any if-match, not just *
  • webmachine: WM-1.7.3(compat) ignores client’s Content-Type on HTTP PUT requests (#130)
  • webmachine: prevent using chunked transfer encoding with HTTP/1.0.

  • increase the startup timeouts for the gen_servers to prevent startup race condition
  • Update mochiweb to latest version from mochi/mochiweb github repository (1.5.0)
  • Pulled latest epgsql driver to support Postgres notifications.
  • Added additional mime types (Office 2007, .rar)
  • z_session: Only mark the persistent store as dirty when a persistent value changes.
  • pgsql: Fix for a problem where a postgres connection was not returned to the pool in case of a sql error.
  • z_media_preview: some files without a preview where not showing an icon.
  • fixed an DoS vulnerability in Mochiweb/SSL
  • Added flushing for most periodic internal messages (e.g. tick, poll)
  • windows: fix build.cmd; remove some unix-specificness from imagemagick shell commands
  • mochiweb: Cookie expire date format string now follows rfc2109
  • ACL checks on static file serving
  • Comet: support for cross-domain comet connections

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