Release 0.4.0

Released on 2010-04-19.

New modules

Enables resource sharing over XMPP’s PubSub; share content between sites and get realtime updates when content changes. See:
Added a module which plugs into Zotonic’s search system to support Solr ( Using Solr enables quick fulltext searching and facetting.

New features

Default site improvements
The default site of a vanilla Zotonic install has been improved with nicer graphics, cleaner typography, a “contact form” example and styles for the Twitter module.
“More results” scomp
A twitter/facebook style ajaxified “read more” pager, which is a button which will fetch more results for the current search question inline on the same page.
Windows support
Initial support for building and running Zotonic on the Windows platform.
Database schema support
Multiple sites running inside one Postgres database is now possible thanks to Postgres’ support for multiple table namespaces (schema’s)
Template expressions
It is now possible to use full boolean and arithmetic expressions in the ErlyDTL templates.

Other features:

  • Webserver IPv6 support
  • Yandex.Video support in mod_video_embed module (#52)
  • PID-file for zotonic (#74)
  • Support for HTML5 audio/video tags in TinyMCE editor (#75)
  • Newer TinyMCE 3.3.2 release from upstream (#69)
  • Newer Mochiweb r153 release from upstream


  • page_path controller should not redirect to the default_page_url (#6)
  • Get the name of the current dispatch rule (#21)
  • zotonic fails after postgresql restart (#49)
  • Unreliable pivot? (#50)
  • Module manager should feedback when module cannot be started. (#51)
  • Do not depend on the ‘default’ site (#59)
  • i18n of scomp_pager (#62)
  • Buttons and “Logoff” link problems in Chrome (#63)
  • Comment form breaks on new default site (#64)
  • Getting an unknown_rsc error on startup (#66)
  • Zotonic fails to (re)start if an existing admin panel is open with browser supporting WebSockets (#70)
  • can’t save location without e-mail (#71)
  • Improve the default styles to include list bullets/numbers (#72)
  • Twitter module cannot be enabled (#76)

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