Adds logon using the Microsoft identity platform.

If enabled then on /admin/authentication-services a panel is added for the Microsoft identity platform.

Here the following can de configured:

  • Application ID: as found in the app registration
  • Client Secret: as found in the app registration
  • Scope: space separated list of scopes that you want the user to consent to. Examples are: email, offline_access and profile. The openid scope is always added automatically. Defaults to email profile.
  • Tenant: Control who can sign in. Allowed values are: common, organizations, consumers, and tenant identifiers. Defaults to common.

On the Azure Portal App registrations an App can be registered and configured.

The redirect path for the app is shown on top of the /admin/authentication-services screen and is of the format:

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Check with useauth if the authentication using the Microsoft identity platform is enabled and configured.

Dispatch rules


Dispatch rules Name Path Resource Args microsoft_authorize [“oauth-service”,”authorize”,”microsoft”]…

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