Import WordPress .wxr files in your site.

WordPress, the famous PHP blog system, is able to export all of its contents into a .wxr XML file. With this module, you can import such a .wxr file in Zotonic, when you want to migrate your blog. The import routine will import all posts, keywords, categories, authors and images.

Once you enabled the module, the import button lives in the admin in the “status” tab.

The import module works incrementally: if you import a .wxr file twice, it will update the changed entries and add new entries. If you delete posts, a next import will not re-create the entries: it will remember that you have deleted them. You can override this behaviour by checking the “import previously deleted content” button.

Note: YMMV with importing 2 .wxr files from different blogs: as the unique keys of the entries are based on the WordPress numeric ids, it is possible that content from the second one will overwrite content from the previous import.

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