Adds support for viewing and handling video medium items.

This module converts uploaded videos to h264 and adds a poster (preview) image of the movie.

Uploading & conversion

The video module hooks into the media model to intercept any video upload. If a video is uploaded the following steps are done:

  • The video is moved to the site’s files/video_queue/ directory.
  • A video conversion task is added to the pivot task queue, this task will restart a video conversion in case of any problems.
  • A video conversion process is started, supervised by the video module.
  • The uploaded medium is replaced by a static lib/images/processing.png image.

Only a single video conversion process is allowed to run at any time. This to prevent overloading the server.

After the video is converted the resource’s medium record is replaced with the converted video. The frame at 10 seconds (at 1 second for movies shorter than 30 seconds) is added as the preview image of the video.

If a video can’t be converted then the video is replaced with the error image, found in lib/images/broken.png.


The video module extends the {% media %} tag for viewing video/mp4 videos.

It uses the template _video_viewer.tpl for viewing. For the best viewing results, add css/video.css to your included css files.

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