This module pulls updates of a site‘s code from a remote version control system. The supported version control systems are git and mercurial.

After enabling this module you will see a button Update site on the System -> Status page in the admin.

This button is only available to users with the use.mod_site_update right.

After a pull of new code, Zotonic will do everything that is needed. Including compilation of source code, reloading of dispatch rules, reloading of translations and reindexing the template directories.

This update of the system can take a while.


In GitHub and other systems it is possible to set a webhook that is called when new updates are pushed to the repository.

In System > Modules there is a Config button next to the mod_site_update module. Click this and configure a secure token to be passed to the webhook.

The URL for GitHub et al is:


Where <token> should be replaced with your configured token.

The token is saved in the config key mod_site_update.webhook_token.

Ensure that the external system performs a HTTP POST to the webhook, the posted body is dropped.

Zotonic status site

The mod_site_update module is also used by the zotonic status site.

Here the module adds buttons to update sites and a button to update the complete Zotonic system.

Site updates get their datamodel fixed by automatic restarts of modules, ensure that you increment the -mod_schema(...) version number.

Zotonic updates are a bit more complicated. Small updates will be fine. Large updates that also change the datamodel or add new Erlang dependencies need more compilation and a system restart. So be careful with using this update button.

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Model for checking if a site has version control enabled.