Enables redirects from unknown hosts and paths to other locations. The other location can be a known path or another web site.

Redirect unknown domains

If the site dispatcher encounters an unknown host name then it notifies all modules with the #dispatch_host notification.

The Custom Redirect module observes this notification and checks against a configurable list of domains and redirects. If a domain is matched then the site dispatcher will redirect the user agent to the new location.

The list of domains and their redirects can be configured in the admin: Modules -> Domains and redirects.

The domain must be like what is typed in the browser. Examples of domains are and mypc.local:8000.

Domain names are case insensitive, that is WWW.EXAMPLE.COM and WwW.Example.coM will both be matched with Contrary to the domain name, the path is case sensitive. That is /ABOUT and /About are two different paths and will need their own redirect rules!

The redirect location can be a complete URL (for example or a path (for example /about).

Redirect unknown paths

After the site has been selected, the dispatcher matches the path to the dispatch rules.

When no dispatch rule matches, then the #dispatch notification is sent. The mod_base module observes that notification to check the path against the page_path properties of all resources. If mod_base didn’t find match then mod_custom_redirect will check all custom redirect with an empty domain and a matching path. The visitor will be redirected to the corresponding redirect location.

Permanent or temporary redirects

A redirection can be permanent or temporary. A permanent redirect will be remembered by the visiting browser (and search engines), replacing any occurence of the redirected location. A temporary redirect will not be remembered and be retried on every visit.

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Dispatch rules


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