Add support for editing the site’s configuration values, as accessed through m_config.

The page in the admin is a list of every configuration module, key and textual value. Entries can be added, removed, and edited, if the user has the permission to do so.

When a value is large than 65 characters, it will be truncated in the admin config list view. To view the whole value, click the row.

SSL certificates configuration

Via the menu System > SSL Certificates all available certificates can be viewed.

The SSL modules add a panel here using a template _admin_config_ssl_panel.[module_name].tpl. Only the SSL modules providing a certificate are listed.

Here the module mod_ssl_letsencrypt lets you request a free certificate from the LetsEncrypt service.

Email configuration

Configuration of outgoing email. This module provides a settings page via the admin menu System > Email configuration, where all email related settings are grouped.

On this page it is possible to send a test email.

Email modules like zotonic_mod_mailgun provide additional settings panels on this page. This is possible by adding a template with the name _admin_config_email_panel.tpl.

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Not yet documented.



Shows the admin config editor. Here you can edit the key/value pairs of m_config.

Dispatch rules


Dispatch rules Name Path Resource Args admin_config [“admin”,”config”] controller_admin_config [seo_noindex]…



Trigger the deletion of a configuration value. Used in the admin.


Toggle a configuration value. Used in the admin, for instance when displaying a “live” checkbox the state of which…


Open a dialog that asks confirmation to delete a configuration key/value pair.


Open a dialog to edit a configuration key/value pair.


Open a dialog to create a new configuration key/value pair.

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Zotonic has two places where a site’s configuration is kept:

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All dispatch rules

All the dispatch rules from all modules. For a background on dispatch rules, see The URL dispatch system.