Adds support for viewing and handling audio medium items.

This module parses audio files and extracts tags and an optional image from the audio file.


The audio module hooks into the media model to intercept any audio file upload.

If an audio file is uploaded then the file is parsed using ffprobe to fetch:

  • The bitrate
  • Audio duration
  • Tags, like artist, album
  • Album art image, extracted as png using ffmpeg

The optional album art is used as the preview image. This image is visible when the audio media item is rendered using a {% image ... %} tag.


The audio module extends the {% media %} tag for viewing audio/* videos.

It uses the template _audio_viewer.tpl for viewing.


The following properties are extracted from the audio file, and can be edited in the admin:

  • artist
  • album
  • album_artist
  • composer
  • genre
  • track
  • copyright
  • is_compilation (boolean flag)
  • org_pubdate, this is extracted form the creation_time tag

If there is no resource title given when creating the audio page then the title from the tags is used. If that one is empty then the file’s basename is used.

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