The filestore uses two tables for its administration.

Main administration table

The filestore table administrates which file is stored at what service. It also contains flags for flagging files that need to be deleted or moved from the remote service to the local file system.

The definition is as follows:

create table filestore (
    id serial not null,
    is_deleted boolean not null default false,
    is_move_to_local boolean not null default false,
    error character varying(32),
    path character varying(255) not null,
    service character varying(16) not null,
    location character varying(400) not null,
    size int not null default 0,
    modified timestamp with time zone not null default now(),
    created timestamp with time zone not null default now(),

    constraint filestore_pkey primary key (id),
    constraint filestore_path_key unique (path),
    constraint filestore_location_key unique (location)

The path is the local path, relative to the site’s files directory. For example: archive/2008/12/10/tycho.jpg

The service describes what kind of service or protocol is used for the remote storage. Currently the service is always set to s3.

The location is the full url describing the location of the file on the remote service. For example: https://s.greenqloud.com/mworrell-zotonic-test/archive/2008/12/10/tycho.jpg

Upload queue

The upload queue holds file paths of newly added files that need to be uploaded. These file paths are relative to the files directory.

Periodically the system polls this table to see if any files need uploading. Any entry older than 10 minutes will be handled and an upload process will be started.

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