The m_search model provides access to different kinds of search queries for searching through models.

Most searches in Zotonic are implemented in the mod_search module, searching through the rsc table in different kinds of ways.

Though, any module can implement a search by observing the search_query notification.

The search module is used inside templates. For example, the following snippet fetches the latest 10 modified pages in the “text” category:

{% for id in m.search[{latest cat="text" pagelen=10}] %}
    {{ m.rsc[id].title }}
{% endfor %}

Another example, searching for a text and requesting the second page with 20 results at a time:

{% for id, rank in m.search.paged[{fulltext text=query_string page=2 pagelen=20}] %}
    {{ m.rsc[id].title }}
{% endfor %}

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mod_search implements various ways of searching through the main resource table using m_search.


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