A ticketing system for out of band MQTT posts via HTTP.

The controller controller_mqtt_transport can accept HTTP posts. These posts MUST include a ticket and a topic for the payload to be sent.

The ticket is obtained via model/mqtt_ticket/post/new. This can only be accessed via MQTT, as the routines will check for a valid client_id.

If a ticket is created then the current request context is saved for max 30 seconds. If a request comes in then the ticket is used to fetch the stored context and the following information is copied over from the stored context to the HTTP request context:

  • MQTT client-id
  • MQTT client-topic
  • MQTT routing-id
  • ACL user id
  • ACL auth_options
  • ACL read-only flag
  • Timezone
  • Language

A ticket can only be used once.

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Controller for transport of MQTT data between the browser (client) and server.