This model tracks deleted resources (see m_rsc). Its primary goal is to be able to determine if a resource never existed, has been deleted or has been replaced by another resource.

Information kept

Only very basic information of the deleted resource is kept in the rsc_gone table. It is enough for referring to a new location, giving correct errors or to determine who deleted a resource.

It is not enough to undelete a resource. The module mod_backup retains enough information about past versions to be able to undelete a resource. Currently there is no support for an undelete.


Whenever a m_rsc record is deleted some information from that resource is copied to the rsc_gone table.

The following properties are saved:

Property Description Example value
id Id of the resource, an integer. 42
new_id If the resource is replaced by another resource then this is the id of that other resource. 341
new_uri If the resource is moved to another place on the web then this is the uri of the new location. <<”http://example.com/hello”>>
name The name (if any) of the deleted resource. <<”page_hello”>>
uri The uri of the authoritative source for the resource. <<”http://foo.bar/hello”>>
page_path The page path (if any) of the deleted resource. <<”/hello”>>
is_authoritative Whether the resource originated on this site or was imported and maintained on another site. Return a boolean. true
creator_id The id of the creator of the deleted resource. 1
created The date the deleted resource was created. {{2008,12,10},{15,30,00}}
modifier_id The id of the user that deleted the resource. 2718
modified The date the resource was deleted. {{2012,12,5},{23,59,59}}

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