The m_translation model gives easy access to language and translation related information.

The following m.translation model properties are available in templates:

Property Description
language The current language.
language_list The list of all configured languages.
language_list_enabled The list of all enabled languages.

This is an example of the languages returned by m.translation.language_list:

[{en, [{is_enabled,true}, {language,<<"English">>}]},
 {fr, [{is_enabled,false}, {language,<<"Français">>}]},
 {nl, [{is_enabled,true}, {language,<<"Nederlands">>}]},
 {tr, [{is_enabled,true}, {language,<<"Türkçe">>}]}].

For example to list all enabled languages in a select box:

{% for code,props in m.translation.language_list_enabled %}
  <option value="{{ code }}" {% if m.translation.language == code %}selected{% endif %}>{{ props.language }}</option>
{% endfor %}

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