Simple read-only interface to the typed key-value store of mod_tkvstore. To get a value from the store: use m.tkvstore.type.key, like this:

{% print m.tkvstore.keytype.examplekey %}

When the key is not a literal value but a variable or a number, use the following notation:

{% print m.tkvstore.keytype[keyvar] %}

To store data in a key, use m_tkvstore:put/4, as follows:

m_tkvstore:put(KeyType, KeyVar, Value, Context).

For instance, from within Erlang, let’s store edge data for a given edge id, 3434:

Edgeid = 3434,
Value = <<"Hello">>,
m_tkvstore:put(edge_data, EdgeId, Value, Context).

Now, to retrieve it in the template, do the following:

{{ m.tkvstore.edge_data[3434] }}

This will output the string Hello.

Note that the value can be any type: not only a simple string but also a list, tuple, or any other Erlang composite type.

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